Ranjeetsinh Pawar, Partner, Ojas Legal, on starting up with independent practice after graduation and on business development


Ranjeetsinh Jayendra Pawar graduated from ILS Law College, Pune in 2012. While in law school, he worked with various organization like K11 Fitness Management Co. Pvt. Ltd., 5 Fitness Club and Unique Organic Agri Tourism Pvt. Ltd. handling their Sales Operations and Business Development. Soon after graduation, he co-founded ARP Associates, a full service law firm in Pune. Very recently, ARP Associates has been renamed as OJAS Legal which is an umbrella organization that provides legal support in five major cities including Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi.

In this interview, he talks about:

  • Law school experience at ILS Law College
  • Starting up with ARP Associates
  • Journey from ARP Associates to OJAS Legal
  • Having business operational skills as opposed to skills of a lawyer to become a partner
  • Internship opportunities at ARP Associates.


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